Skjalm's Writings

Below are various works of fiction that I have written over the past years. Feel free to download, print, copy and otherwise distribute these stories as long as you do not modify them. Not for my sake but for your own. Someone just might hold you responsible for what happens in these messed up worlds ;)

Short(ish) stories

Broken Chains

(very much a working title!)

NaNoWriMo 2010, 2011

A story set in the distant future where the space stations in Indigo System have been disconnected from the inhabitants on the system's main planet. An endless war has left the space dwellers with nearly no resources to maintain their stations and ships so they have to struggle on to just stay alive. But humans being humans they somehow manage to cling on to something resembling civilisation.

Follow the Space Traffic Controller Haneu as he is forced to leave his secure surroundings behind and go out in search of answers to strange questions.

Follow the crew of the severely damaged freighter called Home as they try to get their ship back in shape in time to deliver a very important cargo to a very important person. Well, okay, one of those is important at any rate.

And follow a small crew from a different time when there was a lot more shit to blow up and who simply want to get the good old days back.

Special guests

A4 format

A5 format

Kindle format

Fallen Elders

NaNoWriMo 2009

The story of how the seven Elder Races created a new, supreme race that would continue their glorious work and make the world a perfect place.

Or rather... the story of how it all went wrong...

Screen readable version (PDF)

Printable version (PDF, two pages per sheet)

Kindle format


NaNoWriMo 2007-2008

A collection of writings about the person Keal who is stuck in a post-biological-apocalypse world where the great forests are literally a threat to people. Scattered throughout the forest are small enclaves of people gathered around the remnants of the old, large steam engines who no one knows how to build, but which the Guild of Steamsters can still keep running.

So far there are three stories about Keal: one I did for a mini-NaNoWriMo in June 2007 and two I did for NaNoWriMo in November 2007 and 2008. They are not really connected, except for the two NaNoWriMo stores that can be read back to back. The first story contains lots of things and thoughts that don't really make a lot of sense. But it also holds some background information about Keal that might be good to know before reading the last two stories.

Alternately, you can read the story (or at least some of it) in the order I would like it to be read. While there are gaps (okay, for now there are more gaps than there is actually plot line) it is my hope that one day that version will be readable as an actual book... sort of...

Vrutglob Ufonian

Vrutglob is a Goblin character I made up for a role playing game set in the Eberron world. His dream in this world is to become an air ship pirate sailing the skies in search of treasure, adventure and (in)fame!

His background story was written while I was side tracked during NaNoWriMo 2008 so it's not really been edited. That's okay with me as the main purpose of the story was to experiment with who Vrutglob was and how he came to sail the skies.