An entry for Ludum Dare #36 in August 2016

The game G-Tech is a small Tower Shooter where you attempt to shoot all the enemies before they make it all the way to wherever they're going.

Please note that there is a known bug in this version. If you press ESC during gameplay and return to the main menu the game screen is not shown properly on subsequent plays.
Sorry about that!

Final entry for the Ludum Dare #36 Jam

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Tools used

Game engine Unity 5
3D Graphics Blender
2D Graphics Paint.NET
Sound/Music None

Copyright 2016 Skjalm Arrøe. Some rights reserved.

This game, the source code, assets and other elements created by the author is hereby placed in the public domain for any use imaginable. Elements that are not created by this game's author remain the property of their respective owners. No guarantees or warranties are given as to the functionality of the game. Any and all damages incurred (including hilarious laughter at the poor graphics, boredom from the repetitive gameplay and so on) is the user of the game's sole responsibility.